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Are you looking for a way to be involved in the creative process? Are your views on education and learning never short of ingenious ideas, but have yet to find an outlet where they can be shared with others who may share an interest or passion close enough as if it were theirs alone. Well we need YOU! Come and join our team of dedicated writers to help us create an online platform that provides vast knowledge. Strive Solar is an innovative community website that brings together news, views and reviews of sociology study resources. We invite you to join in the sociological discourse with us by writing for our site. Share your views by writing for the site, we are more than humble in welcoming you.

What We Look for 

Successful guest posts should be comprehensive, data-driven and educational. To increase your chances of getting published on our blog you need to ensure that:

Your contribution is a relevant well researched post ( preferably 1000+ words) with actionable tips; it has not previously been published anywhere else but only includes claims backed by links to credible research or case studies.  Avoid mentioning any competitors when promoting yourself in the content as well using irrelevant promotional websites.

Consider These when You Write for Us

Our talented team of writers is always striving for quality content. We provide a variety of topics to attract significant readership, and credit you with an article’s bio when it appears in one of our publications or on the website after completion. When you write for us, we want your content to be as creative and original as possible. That’s why our writers get a chance at being discovered by thousands of readers from all over the world! We have an extensive range of topics so there will always be something fresh happening here.

Publishing your content with us:

Writing for us is simple. You should first read some of our previous blogs to get a clearer understanding about what types of content we publish, then submit your post and it will be taken into consideration by the team at once. Our editors usually receive many submissions so they queue all approved pieces automatically as soon as possible; follow these guidelines exactly or else risk sending back an unapproved version that could hold up publication indefinitely if there are any delays in processing time-line for this particular project’s needs.