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What Are the Costs Associated With Solar Energy?

What Are the Costs Associated With Solar Energy?

Many people are aware of the upfront costs of solar panel installation, such as the cost of the system, permits, and contractors. The ongoing cost of maintaining a domestic solar system, on the other hand, is rarely acknowledged.

While some additional costs are associated with maintaining your solar panels, they are normally minor and rare. Furthermore, the advantages of solar energy will almost always outweigh the costs you’ll spend throughout your solar system’s decades-long lifespan.

Regardless, it’s critical to be aware of all potential costs before purchasing a solar system. Here’s a rundown of additional expenditures to consider when making a solar investment.


Solar panels are made of glass and have no moving parts or sophisticated machinery. Correctly built solar panels can last 20-30 years with minimum maintenance. So frequent maintenance isn’t a big deal.

However, you must monitor the physical state of your system by keeping your panels clean and free of debris. If your panels are dirty, let them wash under the rain or rinse them with a garden hose.

You should also monitor your system’s energy output for any difficulties. Short-term difficulties like rain or clouds obstructing your solar panels can restrict power output, but they may indicate a panel issue if these issues persist.

Repair and Replacements

It’s rare, but your solar panels may need to be repaired or replaced. Extreme weather damage, such as hail, lightning, or fallen trees, is likely to cause. Defective panels are also possible.

Most solar panel warranties cover accidental damage or defective items 10-25 years after installation. Fortunately, a broken panel doesn’t necessitate a system overhaul. Even if one or two panels fail, your system will likely continue to provide power. Still, you should contact your solar company right away.

Other Associated Costs

Aside from maintenance and repairs, you may or may not face additional fees as a solar panel owner. For example, you may want to employ a professional to clean your solar panels. If so, plan to pay $200-$300 per cleaning.

A tree pruning service will be required if tall trees on your property block the sun from reaching your panels. It shouldn’t be a high cost, but it should be included in your solar system’s recurring costs.

Solar panels are still a popular alternative for households trying to save money despite the added expenses. They’re also a green alternative to typical energy sources and heating technologies.

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